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Getting harmful sediment in your water can be extremely dangerous. The people of Moose Jaw and Regina, SK, realized this unfortunate reality in 1985. With a lack of regulation of sediment and bacteria, a water crisis emerged, making water became unsafe to drink. As a result, Mr. Ernie Butler, took it upon himself to manufacture his own water cleaner. With extensive research and help from independent laboratories and Canada's Department of Health and Welfare, Mr. Butler developed a water treatment system able to eliminate impurities from water, while ensuring that bacteria can't grow within the filter. The result: the world’s only cost-effective, industry-capable filtration system that’s as easy to use as it is effective.

Since then, Northern Water Cleaners has been helping families and businesses alike enjoy clean water through our filtering systems and BottleLESS Water Coolers. No matter where you are in the world, you have safe water to drink throughout your entire house: from the kitchen tap to your bathroom and shower.

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