At Home

Keeping your water clean improves taste and smell, and can also do wonders for your health. Our in-home water cleaners are easy to install and environmentally friendly — a great combination.

At Work

Northern Water Cleaners takes great pride in working with numerous restaurants, salons, medical centers, and fitness centers to ensure that they keep their businesses safe and customers happy.

On The Road

Be wary of "white water" tanks: they may seem fine, but your water can gradually worsen over time. Thankfully, we've developed a lightweight, robust cleaner to use while you’re on the road

Water Filter - Northern Water Cleaners


Getting harmful sediment in your water can be extremely dangerous. The people of Moose Jaw and Regina, SK, realized this unfortunate reality in 1985. With a lack of regulation of sediment and bacteria, a water crisis emerged, making water became unsafe to drink. As a result, Mr. Ernie Butler, took it upon himself to manufacture his own water cleaner. With extensive research and help from independent laboratories and Canada’s Department of Health and Welfare, Mr. Butler developed a water treatment system able to eliminate impurities from water, while ensuring that bacteria can’t grow within the filter. The result: the world’s only cost-effective, industry-capable filtration system that’s as easy to use as it is effective.




Saskatchewan features acres upon acres of beautiful farmland and hand-planted trees. To keep crops in top condition, farmers spray their fields with pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other chemicals. Saskatchewan is also home to an abundance of livestock. To ensure the health and safety of these animals, farmers inject the livestock with antibiotics and pharmaceuticals.


Unfortunately, the chemicals from both the fields and the livestock often end up in Buffalo Pound Lake, where we draw water to meet our demands. Public utilities use purification methods to remove contaminants and bacteria in the water, but these methods usually involve adding harmful chemicals, such as chlorine.

Affordable Products


Our water treatment is less expensive than buying bottled water. But unlike bottled water or individual tap filters, our purification systems clean the water throughout your home. This ensures you have clean water whenever you shower, bathe, or wash your clothes and dishes.


The free-standing cleaner is 9” wide and 44” long. It requires little space, it doesn’t need electricity to run, and it conserves water.



Patented Technology
to Purify Your Water


Northern Water Cleaners produces water filters in Moose Jaw and Regina that use patented technology. Specifically, our whole-house purification systems free water of impurities and unwanted chemicals.


The patented technology, called the “lodinator,” prevents bacteria from growing inside the filter canister. As a result, we deliver healthy water without the need to change filters or add chemicals on a regular basis.

Benefits of Clean Water


Each home has different chemical, pharmaceutical, and unwanted matters in its water supply. Whether drinking, showering, or cooking, our customers feel the difference clean water makes.


When you choose our filters in Moose Jaw and Regina, you’ll notice an improvement in your skin, hair, health, taste, and smell.