The quality of water is something that many of us don’t think about — until there’s a problem with it.

Ernie Butler

  • In 1957, Ernie Butler and his family were driving through the Rocky Mountains, near Banff, Alberta, and stopped to take a drink out of one of the streams flowing down the nooks and crannies of the mountain. Ernie wondered why the fresh mountain stream water tasted so much better than the city tap water. This began Ernie’s investigation into finding out how the water changed from the source to our homes.
  • The answer was the presence of chemicals. Ernie Butler’s investigation turned to the many chemicals that were present in tap water, but Chlorine seemed to be the worst of all.
  • Ernie knew that Chlorine was a necessary chemical to treat drinking water because it killed water borne diseases, such as; cholera, diphtheria, anthrax, and E Coli. Our water would not be safe to drink without chlorination. But, use of Chlorine, although essential, was implemented without the testing of side effects, as information was scarce.
  • Today, we know that Chlorine has negative effects on human health. Moreover, Chlorine causes the growth of Trihalomethanes (TMHs) within our bodies, which are the results with the combination of Chlorine, water and organic material. These new chemicals have been proven to be carcinogenic.
  • The realization of what we were drinking, or the water used in preparing our food, showering, etc., motivated Ernie Butler even more to eliminate the dangers in the water that was coming into our homes.
  • There are thousands of tons of different pollutants that cannot be prevented from coming into our original water supply system. 110,000 different chemicals, pharmaceuticals, including other contaminants MUST be removed from our drinking water.
  • Dr. Joseph Price  a leading researcher in water pollution and its effects, states that Chlorine is the Biggest Killer and Crippler of people in the world.
  • Believing Dr. Price’s and other influential authorities on Water health, Ernie Butler continued to collect data regarding sizes of chemicals which included pharmaceuticals, organic matter, exhaust fumes from fossil fuel engines and farm run-off of pesticides and herbicides, were examined and measured. Then, it was time for Ernie to find the best solution to remove the pollutants.
  • Ernie looked at Reverse Osmosis as a solution. It had been around for some time but, with further research, it was shown that everything is removed in the process of RO and leaves very unhealthy acids in the water. As well, RO removes the healthy minerals that our body’s cells and organ require for optimum effectiveness.
  • When Ernie looked into the distillation process he found that pollutants that are lighter than water, would remain in the water anyway. Even those pollutants that were of the same density as water were not removed. As well, those healthy minerals that your body requires have been removed in the distillation process.
  • Ernie then turned to one of the oldest forms of cleaning water and that is Granulated Activated Carbon (GAC). Through his research of the many different types of carbon made from various materials, Ernie Butler found that with different materials made into carbon had different absorption and screening characteristics.
  • What resulted from his research was a pollution removal system that cleans all the pollutants from the water, regardless of size, while leaving the thousands of different healthy minerals people need every day. The idea of using the GAC was set back by the pollutants trapped in the carbon and the possibility of bacterial growth. Ernie invented and developed something all-together new that kills the bacteria trapped in the system. This technology has been patented by Ernie Butler and remains the sole proprietor of this innovation in water safety and quality.
  • Northern Water Cleaners was a result of Ernie Butler’s long and determined search to bring the mountain fresh water into each of our homes. The Northern Water Cleaner system has been developed, tested and has successfully lived up to its reputation. There are other filters on the market today, but there is no other system that has the cleaning capability as the Northern Water Cleaner system.

Reaction to a problem, however, is precisely how Northern Water Cleaners came to exist. When a water pollution crisis struck Moose Jaw and Regina, SK, back in 1985, Mr. Ernie Butler took it upon himself to devise a new water filter, one that would be operated by granulated activated charcoal. While it addressed a number of issues, and proved a significant step up from reverse osmosis and distillation, there was still an underlying problem — bacteria remained and multiplied within the water filter.

Realizing that he needed to counteract the issue, Mr. Butler developed and patented a bactericidal system to ensure that all residual bacteria were eliminated. Helped by independent laboratories and Canada’s Department of Health and Welfare, Mr. Butler developed an improved prototype to address that issue. The result — a patent for the world’s only cost-effective, industrial water treatment system able to remove all impurities from water, while ensuring that bacteria doesn’t grow within the filter.

Today, Northern Water Cleaners remains a private, family-owned company that values innovation, responsibility, and intelligence in everything we do. All the while, we pride ourselves on helping people worldwide achieve one aim — clean water throughout homes, businesses, and RVs.

Want to learn more about how our technology works or what we do? Give us a call today at 306-694-0000 for the Moose Jaw office and at 403-708-7213 for the Calgary office!